My name is Peter Nawroth. Born in Breslau in 1962, I have lived in Nuremberg since 1976. Here, I did my training as master confectioner.
I have worked in pastries for many years, where I learned the secrets of producing fine quality gingerbreads and other specialities for Christmas.

Through the years, I have turned this skill into a fine art. That is why my profession turned into a vocation.
Since 2003, I have been a Freelance sales representative for confections. For this reason, I have sold handmade gingerbread and biscuits for many years at Christmas time.

As I receive many enquiries from around the world, I have decided to sell my products online.
My family supports me actively each year. They give me lots of ideas for new creations, which are very much appreciated by our customers.
Sincerely yours

Peter Nawroth